Friends of IPM Awards

Congratulations 2022 Awardees!


Bright Idea: Adam Dale 
IPM Educator: Glenn Studebaker
IPM Implementer: Conetoe Family Life Center
Pulling Together: Mosquito BEACONS initiative
Future Leader: Xavier Martini
IPM Hall of Fame: Tom Royer, Megha Parajulee, Phillip Brannen, Scott Stewart, & Pasco Avery

Graduate Student

Master's Graduate Students (Joint Awardees): Emma Volk &  Julian Cosner
Doctoral Graduate Student: Kelly Carruthers


Each year, the Southern IPM Center recognizes those with extraordinary potential to contribute to the development and implementation of research, Extension, or implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in the Southern region of the United States. 

The award program generally gets submissions from college deans, department heads, and other administrative personnel who are not usually involved directly in IPM programs but may interact or supervise students or faculty who are involved in IPM research or Extension.

Student and professional award recipients are invited to participate in future award panels to assist with selection of new winners.


The Prize

The program will provide recognition to award winners. Each winner will receive a plaque to be presented at an appropriate venue before an audience of their peers.

Award Categories


The 6 professional award categories are open to anyone in the Southern region demonstrating excellence in the field of IPM. We present only one award for the Professional categories of Bright Idea, IPM Implementer, IPM Educator, Pulling Together, and Future Leader. For the IPM Hall of Fame award, we present awards to all nominees who meet the award criteria.


Bright Idea (research oriented or new idea)

IPM Implementer (someone who practices IPM in the real world)

IPM Educator (Extension or teacher)

Pulling Together (group)

Future Leader (young professional)

IPM Hall of Fame (seasoned professional, formerly Lifetime Achievement)


Graduate Student



The graduate student award, in addition to a public presentation of the award, comes with a sizable monetary award. The winning Masters student receives $2,000, and the winning doctoral student receives $3,000. Each department may nominate up to 3 Masters students and up to 3 Ph.D. students.

Previous Friends of IPM awardees



  • Lifetime Achievement : Nancy Hinkle, University of Georgia

  • Future Leader : Rebecca Melanson, Mississippi State University

  • Pulling Together: Ash Sial, Sustainable Spotted Wing Drosophila Management Team

  • IPM Educator : University of Florida, IPM Academy

  • IPM Implementer: Alton “Stormy” Sparks, University of Georgia

  • Bright Idea: Lambert H. B. Kanga, Florida A&M University

  • Doctoral Graduate Student:  Kadie Britt, Virginia Tech

  • Masters Graduate Student:  Oluwatomi Ibiyemi, Auburn University (now at UGA)

Full Story


Bright Idea: Jawwad Qureshi, University of Florida (ENT)

IPM Implementer:  Dini Miller, Virginia Tech (ENT)

IPM Educator:  Raghuwinder (Raj) Singh, Louisiana State University (PLP)

Future Leader: Lauren Diepenbrock, University of Florida (ENT)

Lifetime Achievement:  Michael Merchant, Texas A&M University (ENT)

Master's Student: Shelly Pate, UT Knoxville

Doctoral Student: Seth Dorman, Virginia Tech


Bright Idea: Bhabesh Dutta, UGA (Plant Pathology)

IPM Implementer: Phillip M. Roberts, UGA (ENT)

IPM Educator: Jim Walgenbach, NCSU (ENT)

Pulling Together: One nomination received was not recommended for the award.

Future Leader: David Coyle, Clemson (Forestry)

Lifetime Achievement: Timothy Brenneman, UGA (Plant Pathology)

Master's Student: Matthew A. Borden, University of Florida

Doctoral Student: Lina Bernaola, Louisiana State University