Friends of Southern IPM

The Friends of Southern IPM  2020 Nomination Window is now closed.   

Next call for nominations expected in Fall 2020.


Each year, the Southern IPM Center recognizes those with extraordinary potential to contribute to the development and implementation of research, extension, or implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in the Southern Region of the United States. 


The award program generally gets submissions from college deans, department heads, and other administrative personnel who are not usually involved directly in IPM programs but may interact or supervise students or faculty who are involved in IPM research or extension. Student and professional award recipients are invited to participate in future award panels to assist with selection of new winners.


The award categories are as follows:


Professional Graduate Student
Bright Idea Masters
IPM Implementer Doctoral
IPM Educator  
Pulling Together  
Future Leader  

Lifetime Achievement



2019 Friends of Southern IPM Recipients

Professional Graduate Student
Bright Idea: Bhabesh Dutta, UGA (Plant Pathology) Masters: Matthew A. Borden
IPM Implementer: Phillip M. Roberts, UGA (ENT) Doctoral: Lina Bernaola
IPM Educator:  Jim Walgenbach, NCSU (ENT)  
Pulling Together:  One nomination received was not recommended for the award.  
Future Leader: David Coyle, Clemson (Forestry)  
Lifetime Achievement: Timothy Brenneman, UGA (Plant Pathology)