The first two  grant programs are mechanisms to engage stakeholders and other institutions through direct funding of working groups. Providing two levels of timely response to important IPM issues, both programs address challenges such as invasive species, pest resistance, and impacts resulting from regulatory actions.  Through these grants, the Center has engaged many institutions and has the potential to engage more institutions in the future.  The third grant offering addresses the critical need for updating Crop Profiles and PMSPs.


All projects must further our mission, which is to foster the development and adoption of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), a science-based approach to managing pests in ways that generate economic, environmental, and human health benefits.

Southern IPM Grants Program

Annual Competitive Grants Program (Formerly Enhancement Grants)

Call for Proposals is now closed.

Our annual competitive grants program, The Southern IPM Grants Program,  addresses important issues affecting the region that address Global Food Security challenges including invasive species, endangered species, pest resistance, and impacts resulting from regulatory actions. 

The priorities for this grant are stakeholder-identified and based on the IPM Road Map.

Funding Categories

  • Seed Projects
  • Capstone Projects
  • Working Groups (New or Continuing)

Funding Amounts

Targeted total funding for all Seed, Capstone, and Working Group projects is $250,000. Most projects are limited to $30,000 although in special circumstances IPM Working Group proposals may qualify for up to $40,000 per proposal.

Previous Awardees by year

The Critical and Emerging Issues Grant Program


This ongoing grant program provides an opportunity to address and possibly prevent minor problems before they become major concerns. The program supports important developmental work like gathering preliminary data, estimating the scope and risk associated with a pest problem, and developing a network of key people who will effectively contribute to addressing the issue.

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IPM Crop Profile and Pest Management Strategic Plan (PSMP) Documents Grant Program


The National IPM Database has approximately 1000 Crop Profiles and PMSP documents for commodities in the Northeastern, North Central, Southern, and Western IPM Center regions. Thirty-five percent of the documents are for states in the Southern Region.  Federal Regulators refer to documents that are no older than five years, therefore, the Southern IPM Center has ongoing limited funding for the development of Crop Profile and PMSP documents.

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SIPMC is funded by the USDA National Institute of Food and Agriculture and addresses the Southern Region. SIPMC coordinates, enhances and facilitates the flow of IPM resources and information regionally with activities including grants management, data acquisition and sharing, and infrastructure development.