Regional Partners


We coordinate our programs and existing regional pest management programs in each state including:


Regulatory Science Network

The primary function of the Regulatory Science Network is to help to inform Federal regulatory agencies regarding IPM practices and strategies in the region. Frequently, these responses involve responding to requests of information on pesticide-use by growers/farmers. The information is gathered from experts (typically Extension Specialists) across the region, summarized, and sent to Federal partners (USDA-OPMP and EPA) in order to better inform Federal regulatory decisions.

The Association of Southern Region Extension Directors (ASRED)


Southern Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Director (SAAESD) 

The Southern Association of Agricultural Experiment Station Director (SAAESD) and The Association of Southern Region Extension Directors (ASRED) are the Center’s primary links to administration of the Land-grant system in the Southern region. 


SERA3  Southern Region Information Exchange Group for IPM

SERA5  Sweet Potato Collaborators Conference

SERA6  Methodology, Interpretation, and Implementation of Soil, Plant, Byproduct, and Water Analyses

SERA15  Competitiveness and Sustainability of the Southern Dairy Industry

SERA17  Organization to Minimize Nutrient Loss from the Landscape

SERA18  Rice Technical Working Group

SERA27  Nursery Crop and Landscape Systems

SERA35  Delta Region Farm Management and Agricultural Policy Working Group

SERA41  Beef Cattle Production Utilizing Forages in the Southeast to Integrate Research and Extension Programs across State Boundaries: Development

SERA43  Southern Region Integrated Water Resources Coordinating Committee

SERA45  Crop diversification opportunities to enhance the viability of small farms

SERA46  Framework for Nutrient Reduction Strategy Collaboration: the Role for Land Grant Universities

SERA47  Strengthening the Southern Region Extension and Research System to Support Local & Regional Foods Needs and Priorities