CPN Soybean Seedling Disease

Seedling Disease of Soybean and Using Seed Treatments to Reduce Losses

Soybean seedling diseases impact soybean production annually, reducing stand and ultimately diminishing yield. In 2017, it was estimated that over 50 million bushels were lost in the U.S. due to seedling disease, with almost 2 million bushels lost in Ontario. As weather patterns increase in variability, it can be challenging to prepare for seedling diseases and to understand available management options .

To describe the impact of soybean seedling diseases on soybean production, and how growers, certified crop advisers, and extension specialists can be prepared, Alison Robertson, Iowa State University professor and extension field pathologist, will host “Seedling disease of soybean and using seed treatments to reduce losses.” Sponsored by the United Soybean Checkoff, Robertson will share datasets, science-backed management techniques, and additional resources available to industry stakeholders to help make more economical decisions in the field.

SIPMC Partnered with  the Crop Protection Network to bring you this webinar.